Ambassadors List

Mo:Dem Festival ambassador network is here to help you with your ticket purchase, to provide you with support and various updates about the festival.

Tickets purchased from ambassadors are exempt from the on-line booking fees.

An integral part of our ticket selling policy includes providing a discounted ticket price for countries that have been undergoing financial difficulties and severe recession. Discounted tickets are only available in the presale period from Ambassadors and are not available on-line. The citizens of the following countries are entitled to a discounted price: Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Lebanon, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia & South Africa. *


Austria - Salzburg & Vienna
Belgium - Brussel
Bulgaria - Sofia
Croatia - Zagreb & Rijeka
Cyprus - Nicosia
Costa Rica - Belén
Czech Republic & Slovakia - Trnava
France - La Rochelle & Ontours
Germany - Berlin, Bavaria & Frankfurt Am Main
Greece - Athens
Hungary - Budapest
India - Goa / Bangalore
Ireland - Dublin
Israel - Tel Aviv
Italy - Milano & Toscana
Japan - Tokyo & Osaka
Lebanon - Beirut
Macedonia - Skopje
Netherlands - Amsterdam
Poland - Kraków
Portugal - Lisbon
Russia - Moscow
Serbia - Belgrade
Slovenia - Ljubljana
South Africa - Cape Town
Spain - Barcelona
Sweden - Stockholm
Switzerland - Basel
United Kingdom - London

* Discounted tickets are only available in the presale period, thereby the discount doesn't apply to refunded tickets sold in additional resales.

** Updated list with Ambassador details will be published on-line when the exact dates and details of additional resales of refunded tickets are announced.