Mo:Dem Festival Vol.2

Mo:Dem Festival Vol.2
  • Title
    Mo:Dem Festival Vol.2
  • Artists
    Killer B / Hypereggs / EVP / Occular vs Loose Connection / Synthetik Chaos / Kabayun / Meerkut / Zzbing / Insane Creatures vs Niria / Hotep /
  • Genres
    Full-On / Twilight
  • Release Date
  • Label
    MoDem Records

MoDem Festival Vol. 2, the second compilation from the creators of MO:DEM Festival, embodies the spirit of the event with an exceptional line-up of artists exploring the most twisted contours of the psytrance bass line. This is 100% psychedelic ear candy articulated with precision at 148 to 150 BPM. Mirroring the uniqueness of the MO:DEM sound, this next chapter takes no prisoners and transforms any space into a vortex for peak-level grooving. Play at your own risk! Mastered by EVP.