Mo:Dem Festival Vol.3

Mo:Dem Festival Vol.3
  • Title
    Mo:Dem Festival Vol.3
  • Artists
    Master Margherita / Electrypnose (Florian MSK Remix) / Paracozm / Kained & Able / HypoGeo / SourOne / Tijah / Shaolin Shuffle / Liquid Level /
  • Genres
    Progressive / Techtrance / Zenonesque
  • Release Date
    February 23, 2015
  • Label
    MoDem Recrods

The third installment of Momento Demento’s flagship compilation series brings you the “other side” of the Mo:Dem Fesstival sound as compiled by Val Vashar. Because we firmly believe in the words of Zappa that “writing about music is like dancing about architecture” we’ll leave you to establish exactly what kind of music this compilation contains. We only hope that you will join us on a magical floor of Mo:Dem Festival and share that familiar feeling when rays of sunshine caress your face and the smell of dust is filling your nostrils or when you’re squishing the soggy mud between your toes and cold raindrops are cooling your sweaty body… and you just can’t stop dancing. See you on the dance floor! Mastered by EVP at Wild Mastering. Artwork by Android Jones, graphic design by Macro Zeta, and photo by Marko