Publish Date: 10/04/2020

     Dear fans, friends and family of Mo:Dem Festival!

     During the last nine years, we have created unforgettable memories together, as well as shared some of the happiest and most thrilling moments on the dance floor. Your energy, trust and devotion have always been the biggest motivation for the Mo:Dem production team. Your support was something we could rely on in the past. I strongly believe you will stick with us in the future. Only together, can we overcome the unpredictable times ahead of us.

The purpose of this text is to explain the complexity and severity of the situation Mo:Dem is facing today and the possible consequences for the future of the festival. My team and I did our best to present the bare facts, it's up to you to make your own conclusions afterward. No one is a bystander today, so take your time and read this text with care.

Written with faith in common sense, logic, unity and solidarity.
Tomislav Sijarto, Mo:Dem Festival Director


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are forced to reschedule the 2020 edition of Mo:Dem Festival to the summer of 2021.

9'th edition and 10 year anniversary of Mo:Dem Festival will be held from 9 to 15 August 2021.

We made this decision in good faith, in accordance with the Croatian law, following the instructions and measures enacted by the Croatian Civil Protection. We were guided by ethical and professional principles. The health, safety and wellbeing of our visitors, the public and our crew were of the highest priority.

As the festival is rescheduled, and not canceled, tickets for Mo:Dem 2020 will be valid for Mo:Dem 2021. An increase in ticket prices on these tickets are not allowed subsequently. The tickets purchased for the 2020 event will be automatically transferred for the 2021 event without any additional costs.

Every ticketholder will be personally contacted by the organisation via the email provided at the time the ticket was purchased. If you misplaced your ticket or changed your email, please feel free to contact us. The organisation will issue new tickets for the 2021 event within a reasonable time.

Mo:Dem Festival tickets are personalised with valid name and surname. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or resold.

The rescheduled event cannot imply an increase in ticket prices only for those who purchased the ticket before rescheduling announcement.

Many of you out there are also facing personal financial difficulties. You have our word we will keep our ears open to suggestions and remarks. Regardless of the legal differences between the rescheduled and canceled events, we will allow refunds.

Every ticketholder also has the option to request a refund when the organiser contacts him via the email provided at the time of the ticket purchase. Ticketholders are obligated to complete a new refund form even if they have already applied for a refund. Refunds will be processed as soon as possible.

The pace and scope of refunded ticket payments depend on the achievement of additional sales of refunded tickets. Refunded tickets will be sold by the organisation once the situation has normalised. The number of tickets on sale will depend on a number of refunded tickets. As the terms and conditions of re-sales no longer apply, ticket refunds will be paid upon new sale of tickets for 2021 event.

Mo:Dem Festival is entirely financed by ticket revenues. In the current situation, we need to finance two years of production with one-year revenue. We are in a position where we can barely cover everyday expenses and installments in the coming months.

To compensate for the huge deficiency in the budget, we are forced to increase ticket pricing sold in additional sales.

Unique ticket price for Mo:Dem Festival 2021 will be 230 €

Faced with financial hardship and an uncertain future we reach out for your help and support. We are aware that countless people around the world are facing similar problems right now. These are challenging times for all of us, but there is hope if we can work together to find solutions that will positively impact our future.

Donations, crowdfunding campaign and similar actions will be announced in the near future.

Intrigued with image and interested to know the story behind it? You will need to read the full statement here.

Stay safe.

With love, passion and commitment.
Mo:Dem Festival Crew



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