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Once again Mo:Dem festival and Collider Art will join forces together to give birth to a portal to other dimensions where visual art will be the medium to drive you through.

Over the past years the collaboration got stronger and better and thanks to the latest addition in 2018 of Sumeria Creations, we all manage to achieve a whole new level of art gallery at Mo:Dem festival where not only the paintings exhibited are the protagonists, but the structure hosting the gallery turns to a big piece of art itself.

It is for all these reasons that in the upcoming festival edition we are sticking to the same plan and teams to propose something that hopefully will not disappoint you. Our concept is evolving in a direction where the art gallery takes a step forward to open and integrate better with The Seed stage dance-floor, to become a space where visual stimulation is combined to the audio stimulation to enrich the whole experience of the participants.

The art represented in this space will be carefully selected to promote not only the classical stereotype of contemporary psychedelic and visionary art, but will open and spread in many different directions to embrace the vast meaning of 'psychedelic' art.

We are focusing all our efforts and energy to create a unique experience for all our guests, we invite you to come and enjoy with us the art gallery space at the Spirallabs.