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Pancha Kosha and the neuroscience of meditation

In ancient Vedic philosophy - the root of yoga, Ayurveda and many other Indian traditions - the Kosha's describe the self (or soul) as covered by 5 veils of perception: different levels on which the ego is manifested, each creating limiting ideas of who we are. The most tangible is the physical, followed by energetical, mental, intellectual and spiritual.

Ingrained in this understanding of mind is a separation of different parts of our neurological system, which relates closely to the basic understanding of contemporary neuroscience about the function and interaction of the main parts of our brain and nervous system. Interrelating these different systems of knowledge can help us to understand why we respond the way we do to certain situations in life.

Through meditation and other awareness practices, we can change the wiring of our nervous system, increasing neuroplasticity. This can open up different ways to respond to impulses and challenging situations.