Jelena Kalaica

Jelena Kalaica
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    Jelena Kalaica
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Have you ever wanted to try out aerial acrobatics? Challenge your body and mind with the different apparatus on which we will provide instruction, comparing and contrasting how movements feel on each and developing skills across all of them. Circus pedagogy and it's specific approach offers knowledge of various practical skills such as: acrobatics, hand balancing, contemporary dance, gymnastics...

Participants will explore aerial hoop and/or hammock.

Workshops will be separated in 3 segments:
1. condition - exercises for thorough physical preparation as a foundation for any kind of other work
2. dynamics - basic, intermediate and advanced transition of elements
3. flexibility - compliment your flying and flipping with increased flexibility.

Stretching the body is an important and everyday process with which we also stretch our mind and open other dimensions to body perception. As the body changes, we change. Learn to love your body not because of the way you look but for all great things you are capable of doing with it.

Note: Please wear something quite tight fitting that covers your knees, mid-riff and armpits.