Katarina Milovanovic & Lana Novicevic

Katarina Milovanovic & Lana Novicevic
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    Katarina Milovanovic & Lana Novicevic
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Intuitive Rituals Workshop
Our intuition is an untapped source of higher wisdom that draws on our previous knowledge, but intuition is also much more than that. It is that still, calm voice inside each one of us, an awareness of thoughts, sounds, images and physical sensations that can offer us profound insights about our past, present and future. It is sometimes thought to be a form of extrasensory perception (ESP). 
Those who learn how to tap into their intuition often credit their intuition as a powerful ingredient for success in life. Rituals are the key to unlocking your intuition Science is proving that intuition is a real super sense but to connect to it we need to be in a confident, relaxed, preferably positive and calm state of mind. Research has also shown that anxiety can lead to poor-decision making. It seems that, when we are fearful, this short circuits the brain’s unconscious associative process. Rituals are therefore ideal for boosting intuition because they occupy and calm our conscious mind with the action or task performed, while at the same time allowing our brain’s associative powers to get to work, producing the intuitive guidance we need. 
This workshop is for spiritual seekers at all stages of their journey. Together we will tap into a calm state of mind where inward-looking brilliance happens. We will also learn how to use power of thought and visualization to charge and program crystals, wands, and other healing tools in order to raise vibration and ignite intuition.

We are spirit and soul sisters joined on a mission to create and share love inspired by the Earth beneath us, the Air above us, and the Creator within us. We are travelers through life experiences, different traditions, cultures, regions, we are children of our Mother Nature. She is our greatest teacher, our guide, she leads us and choses the ways we communicate and interact with all around us.

Mandalas, crystals and the ways of self-discovery are our main inspiration, bounded by quite much anything we get our hands and hearts on. Our first initiation into the fine dimension of crystals, healing energies and meditation started 15 years ago. Since then, we are constantly working on our physical and mental development. From early childhood we were experiencing life through the harmony that travel beyond epoch- exceeds the limits of time and space. In 2008 we were called upon sacred geometry and started exploring through waiving of sacred indigenous shamanic ‘mandalas’ called ‘Sikuli’ or ‘Ojo de dios’. This road full of colors lead us to the teachings of Carlos Castaneda and Don Miguel Ruis. We started discovering cosmic messages that our mother is whispering to us through subtle energies. Mandala waiving and meditation through the process of creating mandalas became a part of our life. Theta healing and crystal healing came naturally as an extension of knowledge and experience.
We were a part of a privileged group of individuals to work with Vogel crystals over a number of years and experience with body energies, especially the capacity to focus healing energies with crystals in the treatment of body’s disease. Under Marcel’s Vogel teaching guidance, we began to learn the process of transmitting thoughts, especially loving thoughts. It brought us an even greater capacity to appreciate the power of the mind to influence illness, the power both to heal and exacerbate disease. And, most important of all, to appreciate the incredible presence of unconditional love and it’s capacity to trigger transformative shifts in one's psyche.

We evolved in our teachings and practice especially in making ritual tools, talismans and protection dolls, and we would love to share our knowledge and techniques with other like minded individuals.