The Hive

The Hive is not just another festival dancefloor. It is designed and developed as an Interdimensional Landing Platform. By implementing ancient knowledge and modern technologies it both evokes the wise Spirits of our Ancestors and calls for broadminded Creatures from the Galaxies of the Great Beyond.

The Hive experience means you are being dipped into the realms of the psychedelic abyss. With music and dance, you can broaden your horizons and with your imagination, you can push the limits of imaginable and possible. If The Hive is an Interdimensional Landing Platform, each and every one of you there is a vessel and a pilot of your own psychedelic trip. Finest producers and selectors of underground psychedelic music are merely uncharted maps yet to be explored.

One more year we are happy to invite you to share our Vision of psychedelic dance culture. We wish you a warm welcome to our home; open your minds and your hearts; don't be afraid to be yourself; don't be afraid to let go; you will experience Momento Demento. 

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