Tickets Explained


With our 2020. edition Mo:Dem Festival crew made decision to quit 'the tier system of presales', introduce only two prices for tickets and make corrections of ticket prices. Hereby we want to give an explanation why we needed to do so.

Momento Demento Festival is organised and promoted by Festival Modem d.o.o. who is responsible for the production and execution of the festival. To be able to organise and maintain an event on a yearly base, at such a high level of production, a lot of personal sacrifice and investment has been made. The initial investment for Mo:Dem Festival still didn’t payout. We never complained about bank loans, mortgages, debts… and we never will. We just think it’s worth to mention.

There is one major reason for this - every single year our investments exceeds incomes. At our last edition, many of you testified the numerous improvements. Here are some rough numbers for the last edition:


- Meals cooked in a pre-fest period: 12 000
- Meals cooked from 1 week before until dismantling of the festival: 20 000

- Total mileage covered with vehicles: 450 000 km
- The total amount of heavy machinery and trucks being used: 14
- Hours of heavy machinery used in the Festival: circa 6000
- Trivia: cherry picker needs 1.5 hours for a trip from The Hive to The Swamp. Heavy machinery operator spent two days driving that route during 2019. edition.

- The total amount of electrical tools: more than 250 pieces
- The total amount of screws per edition: 600 000
- The total amount of drillbits used this year: 900
- The total amount of paint and lack: 2 500 liters

- The wood used: 350 000 kg
- Rocks: 900 tons
- Train sleepers installed: 1600 pieces (100 kg each)
- Radio stations in use: 240
- Steel cables: 9 000 m
- Total amount of cable ties per year: 120 000

- The total amount of permanently installed cables: 36 000 m
- New cables every year: 8 000 m
- The total amount of led lights on the location: 1100 reflectors
- The power needed to run the festival: 950 kW
- Amount of generators: 8
- Amount of diesel used for generators to run throughout the Festival: 11 500 liters

- Amount of showers: 112
- Amount of water taps: 94
- Greywater containers installed on the location: 140 000 liters
- 14 000 m of water pipes
- 8 industrial water pumps
- 45 000 liters of storage for filtration system of water

- Amount of compost toilets: 85
- Amount of plastic toilets: 190
- Toilet paper we use every year during the festival: 500 km
- Amount of hand sanitizer: 1 200 liters
- Amount of sawdust we use: 16 000 kg
- People in charge of cleaning toilets: 22

- 40 members of PsyCare team
- 28 medics
- 8 firefighters

- Number of people in charge of cleaning and recycling: 36
- Amount of bottles recycled last year: 16 000

- Amount of pegs in the ground during the Festival: more than 800
- Amount of stretch tents: 43
- Stretch tents: 7 900 m2
- Amount of ropes used: 12 000 m

- Amount of projectors in use: 24
- Amount of led lights inside The Hive: more than 50 000
- Light and led technicians: 16
- VJs and video technicians: 17
- Deco team: circa 56
- Artists (DJ and live acts): 208

- Permanent Mo:Dem team: 25
- From 3 months before the festival: 60
- Total during the Festival: 430

Festival Modem is operational and working 365 days a year and has expenses and bills to pay every single month. We start to work on the forthcoming edition on the very same day we closed the gates of our ongoing Festival. This is why the tickets go on sale earlier. We are not a capitalist craving for more money, we are just a bunch of individuals that would rather work on something they love than getting our salary from ‘the boss’. Last year number of permanent Mo:Dem employees was 25.

We don’t have any sponsors, we don’t have any investors, we don’t have any side job or backup plan… Every single person that buys the ticket for our event is a stakeholder in Mo:Dem Festival, our biggest supporter and investor. Buying a ticket means investing your trust and hard-earned money into our vision. And by doing so, you are participating in the creation and growth of Mo:Dem Festival.

Please keep in mind we have not increased our ticket prices for the last three years, in this time we have expanded with two more stages and loads of other festival features and infrastructure. We abandoned the outdated concept that divides musical genres on 'main' and 'alternative', so each production segment of Festival have equal treatment and approach. The Swamp has grown from a small alternative stage to proper stage full of high-quality music and program. The Seed is our new chill / downtempo stage that will grow exponentially. Same is with our new cultural area Spirallabs.


Tickets for Mo:Dem Festival 2020. will be limited. As we are expecting to be sold out in presale period this number will be easier to control. Please notice that there will be no tickets selling at the gate nor there will be weekend or day tickets.
Pure logic demands that reduced number implies a higher price. As we said, we kept our ears opened, and many of you stated that they would support this decision.


Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or resold. The reason for this decision, as much as it sounds stupid to you now, is “because of your safety”. After we sold out our last edition we had numerous reports of scams and tickets being sold for a few times the original price. The only way we could stop this was to ban reselling and name changing. This was the hard move for us also, because it means more work and bureaucracy.

Instead of this, we introduced a system of ticket refunds. This way we can control the process of ticket reselling and ensure the fairness of transactions. You can read more about this under terms and conditions.

Notice that ticket refunds are subject to a fee of 25€ due to administrative costs from banks and company providing our customer service.


We promise that what we have in store for next year will make you happy!

Number one on our 'to-do list' is a build-up of the new infrastructure and facility which will make your future Mo:Dem Festival comfortable and cozy experience. Drinking water points, showers, compost toilets… and all other shared social spaces will get a serious upgrade. We are one step closer towards creating Festival environment that is more accessible and humane. It's a small expression of our gratitude for your support.

In the past few years, we learned a lot and our mission is to implement this new knowledge into building bigger but even more eco-friendly Mo:Dem. With our greener initiative, we want to develop our ecological and sustainable projects to the next level. Preserving our site as pure and untouched as we found it implies stricter 'leave no trace' policy. Except for the construction of new compost toilets, we have big plans in this department and therefore we're going to need your cooperation.

Breaking the boundaries of technical and artistic production while maintaining a high level of ecology standards and hosting for our visitors will remain our primary goals and vision.

Love. Passion. Commitment.
Festival Modem & Mo:Dem Festival Crew