#001 | JAHBO

#001 | JAHBO
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    #001 | JAHBO
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    Parvati Records

We are happy to share this TRANSMISSION from JAHBO dedicated to Mo:Dem Festival’s & xXETEXx’s Teaserparty "2020 postponed edition".


What is your most memorable Mo:Dem experience?

JAHBO: Last year, 2019, I had the great job to play the closing set on The Hive. The energy both during and not least after the last track was played was amazing and left me speechless, but full of love…. :)

Can you share your future plans?
JAHBO: The future for Jahbo brings soon more releases as solo and multiple vs. projects. And besides that we are also working hard on new AudioFools tracks, which you will soon see more of….

What inspires you besides music (art, movies, poetry, etc.)? Favorite artists?
JAHBO: Besides music, I’m inspired a lot by my general surroundings like nature, family and friends. On the technical side I find a lot of inspiration in music production tools such as synths, plugins etc.

How did you end up in the psytrance scene?
JAHBO: Late 90´s a friend brought me to a rave in a local city. I was hooked on the continuous/trancentral music at once, and even I did not master the dance moves at first and wore the wrong clothes, I never looked back :)

What is your favorite gear to produce your music with and why?
JAHBO: Roland Jupiter 6 - Easy to work with and fat sound!!

As a basic member of Parvati Records, he started to appear on this label acts like a pioneer in the psytrance scene since its beginning as well as the confidential person for Giuseppe, and relentless helped to build up this special base for the extraordinariness in the music scene.