#002 | AKA NINA

#002 | AKA NINA
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    #002 | AKA NINA
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We are happy to share this TRANSMISSION from AKA NINA dedicated to Mo:Dem Festival’s & xXETEXx’s Teaserparty "2020 postponed edition". 


You entered the world of music production, what is your inspiration? What is the vision of your future sound?
AKA NINA: I have always been fascinated by the processing of sounds and by creating music with samples that most of the time are not reputed melodic. The psy underground scene is for sure a good place where to share this passion and find new inspiration.  
My vision for future music production is to keep researching these sounds and combine them with a groovy techno bassline. 

What inspires you besides music (art, movies, poetry, etc.)? Favorite artists?
AKA NINA: One of my biggest sources of inspiration besides music is nature and especially the study of soundscapes. I discovered this term at University and since then I trained my ears to listen carefully to the world around me. I discovered the beauty of the sounds and I realized that there is music around us.
Favorite artists: Kliment, Grouch, Breger, Florian MSK, Luis M, Julez and many more!

What is your favorite track to close the set with?
AKA NINA: I don’t have favorite tracks to close my set with but it’s true that most of the time I like playing Kliment or Florian MSK music. 

NINA was born in Switzerland and has been based in Berlin since 2013. There she completed her Sound Engineering studies and dedicated herself to music production and deejaying. Her taste in music developed and changed during the last years: she started playing Full On psy-trance, slowly switched to dark progressive and then to psy-tech.

For a few years, AKA NINA has been working on her own production and she will soon release her first tracks. 

Nina had the pleasure to DJ at renowned festivals like Shankra (CH) and Odyssee (DE), and to play at popular local parties such as the xXETEXx Zenon Records Party in Berlin.