#003 | MENTAL

#003 | MENTAL
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    #003 | MENTAL
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    Visionary Mind Records, Orbita Parvati

We are happy to share this TRANSMISSION from MENTAL dedicated to Mo:Dem Festival’s & xXETEXx’s Teaserparty "2020 postponed edition".


What is your most memorable Mo:Dem experience?
MENTAL: All the top Modem stories I love most, those I would like to tell, cannot be public! I keep em safe and special in my memory shelves. One of the funny ones is... I work very much in artist management at Mo:Dem. A famous producer booked to play at the festival once got so much involved with the crazy vibe and so time-warped in his first 24h there that he got into a quite confusing mood: he was sure he had already lost his flight back home and came to me totally desperate blaming we forgot to take him to the airport. It took a few thrilling seconds to find out he hadn't performed yet... the expression on his face was priceless.

Lately, you started to run with Agostino (Decomposer) the label Orbita Parvati which is a sub-label of Parvati Records. Can you elaborate on the role of experimental music electronic dance festivals?
MENTAL: I am very happy to have joined the challenge with Parvati Records to have “Orbita” as a research space station for some alternative and “experimental” trend of different tempo music in our scene. In every scene, the need to respond to successful trends and the following need-to-fit vibe leaves little time or need to experiment out of the box. “Experimental music” is a controversial definition. In this very context, I like to think it has to do with breaking the standard aesthetics, swimming out of the most used and well-known sounds of this scene. Expanding in many more directions in the world of music, not forgetting the past. When in psychedelic trance events or festivals, I think experimental music helps to fall out of the main soundscape and offers a possibility of re-setting one’s music map or simply take a break and surprise. Have you say “hey, how the hell is this music called?” and maybe break for one second the long floating bubble of following only one thing.

What inspires you besides music (art, movies, poetry, etc.)? Favorite artists?
MENTAL: Nature, good reads, good movies, art to do with wonders, sci-fi, mystery, melancholy, dream, romance and such emotive things. I like Lynch, Murakami, Kubrick, Montale, Caravaggio, Castaneda and Philip K. Dick.

Marco Mental is a DJ and a music appassionato. In 2012 establishes Visionary Mind Lab & Records in Budapest giving priority to scouting and development of a few young talents based in Hungary. Since 2013 he actively collaborates with O.Z.O.R.A. Festival in Hungary and since 2015 he is part of Mo:Dem Festival Crew. In 2019 join forces with Parvati Records for the development of its sound-research dedicated alternative sub-label, Orbita Parvati.