Publish Date: 17/10/2017

We opened our talks about Mo:Dem Festival 2018. with a promise of creating Festival environment that is more accessible and humane. Although construction of the new infrastructure is considered important, we believe that it's not crucial, as some of the biggest joys in life are found in small things. When thinking about things SMALL but BIG at the same time, the CHILDREN first come to mind. Thus making Mo:Dem safer place for kids is an integral part of our vision. After brainstorming we decided how to improve and bring our children area to the next level. We are going to dispense our plans in weeks to come. For now, here are some of the general rules you need to know:

• Children up to 14 years of age are entitled to a free ticket.
• All children must be accompanied by their parents.
• Parents need to register children at [email protected]
• It's forbidden to ignore child within yourself!

With love and passion,
Mo:Dem Crew

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