Publish Date: 01/02/2018

An eternal mankind pursuit of existing extraterrestrial intelligence can be brought to an end. The Hive with its StarGate is the key evidence of alien technology. Stage and dance floor designers and builders Björn Jelinek & Robert Rupitsch may look like humans, sound like Austrians, but they are definitely not from this planet. Their work on Earth is just preparation for the Extra-Dimensional Space Nations landing party!

They designed The Hive for you to DANCE, HAVE FUN AND BE AS ONE! The main purpose of enjoying psychedelic dance music at Mo:Dem Festival 2018. will be enhanced by next visionaries:

The ExtraDimensional Space Agency for stage design, LED lights & visuals. TAS VisualsDeltaprocess and 1000 Errors for visuals and mapping. And Petrix for string art.

You can find more info here. And if you are only interested in the lineup, you will need to be patient for few more days.

Love and passion,
Mo:Dem Crew

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