Publish Date: 29/11/2017

When we started building Mo:Dem accordingly to our vision of festival with three musical stages, the role of The Swamp was a crucial one. Basic idea was to generate counterbalance to the faster and heavier musical styles presented at The Hive. Creating 'alternative stage' wasn’t our intention. Rather we imagined The Swamp as the extension of same psychedelic dance experience. Possibility to select between artists coming from a wide spectrum of psychedelic music gave us an opportunity to succeed in our plan. As Swamp literally and figuratively means diversity and variety, this was set as the main guideline for this stage in the future.


Our goal is to provide equal treatment to each segment of the Mo:Dem Festival. As crystal clear and powerful sound became one of our trademarks we are proud to confirm that The Swamp stage will feature exceptional Funktion-One sound in 2018. Our partners from Funktion-One Croatia are preparing audio experience par excellence. Setting the higher standard of technical production is something we are always striving for, so expect more news about planned upgrades.

With love and passion,
Mo:Dem Crew

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