Nikola Tesla Memorial Center

Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre consists of a pre-existing and newly constructed buildings. Prior to existing facilities are: Birthplace of Nikola Tesla, St. Apostles Peter and Paul, storage building (barn) stone monuments and benches arhitrekta Zdenka Collation.

Newly built facilities are: porch, a test station. multimedia center with accompanying playground for children, a monument to Nikola Tesla authors Mile Blazevic, outdoor auditorium, Tesla turbine and a bridge or platform.

The multimedia exhibition is set in Tesla's birth house and it was the first such project or access to view the life of a scientist in the Republic of Croatia. The ground floor is devoted to a historical review of Tesla's life, where is the chronological and transparent way visitors on bar of his life in relation to the simultaneous world events, photographs, written documents, quotations from Tesla's autobiography "My Inventions" and everything is accompanied by musical taste and a video projection that brings us back to Tesla's childhood. Attic space of Tesla's house is dedicated to Tesla's inventions also popraÊem video projections and musical taste that give us the feeling that we are in Tesla's laboratory.

In the first room of Tesla's house you can see the oldest photographs of the house and garden from 1904 and starting time bar that follows the life and work of Nikola Tesla; Since the arrival of the Tesla family in Smiljan 1852 until birth 10 July 1856 education in Smiljan, Gospic, Karlovac.

In another room bar continues and describes Tesla's education in Graz going to America partnership with Edison, Westinghouse and that the room in the "drawer" that describes Nicholas as a person and are visions, obsession, friendship. Drawers are saying about never as a person of weirdos to genius, did not like to shake hands with people, he was afraid of infection, hair of other people would touch only under the threat of guns, eight foreign languages is well spoken, predicted problems with parking, internet predicted 100 years ago, friendship with Albert Einstein, Wilhelm Conrad Roetgen, Lord Kelvin, with Mark Twain, Ivan Mestrovic and the like.

In the third room bar continues until the death of Nikola Tesla January 7 1943 In the same are found on computers provide free internet access to visitors, a library with books about Tesla and visitors can listen to the original speech and New York City Mayor Fiorello Henry La Guardia who went on the radio after Tesla's death 10 January 1943 and speaks of Tesla as a person who is indebted to the whole world and died as paupers....

Entertainment center includes a souvenir shop, multimedia hall where visitors can watch a documentary about Tesla. Children's playground is also interesting arranged so reminiscent of some of Tesla's inventions.

The entire Memorial "Nikola Tesla" is rasprostinje an area of 13000 square meters

Tuesday - Saturday: 8:00 to 3:00 p.m. ENTRANCE FOR VISITORS: 08: 00-14: 00 Sunday: 10:00 to 15:00 ENTRANCE FOR VISITORS: 10:00 to 14:00

We work every day except Mondays.


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Nikola Tesla Memorial Center

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