Tier 1 (Early Birds) €90 + b/f 300 SOLD OUT
Tier 2 €100 + b/f 300 SOLD OUT
Tier 3 €110 + b/f 400 SOLD OUT
Tier 4 €120 + b/f 500 SOLD OUT
Tier 5 €130 + b/f 600 SOLD OUT
Tier 6 €140 + b/f 2500 25'th July 2018.
AT THE GATE €150 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE GATE Subject to availability


  • Due to limited capacity the overall number of tickets is limited.
  • The tiers listed are all part of the pre-sale, as one tier sells out, we move to the next.
  • Tickets will be available online at and from your local ambassador. 
  • Tickets purchased through local ambassadors are exempt from the booking fee. 
  • Integral part of our ticket selling policy includes providing a discounted ticket price for countries that have been undergoing financial difficulties, experiencing low wages and severe recession due to the world economic crisis.
  • Residents of the following countries are entitled to 20 € off the standard ticket price at the time of purchase: BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, CROATIA, CYPRUS, COSTA RICA, GREECE, HUNGARY, LEBANON, MACEDONIA, RUSSIA, SOUTH AFRICA, SERBIA & SLOVENIA.
  • List of countries entitled to discounted ticket price is made according to our immediate capabilities and in no way reflects a realistic world economic situation.
  • Discounted tickets are only available in advance from your local ambassador (not available online or at the gate). Please note that you will require to provide proof of country of residency at the gate.
  • Pre-sale will run until 25. July 2018. or whilst stocks last.
  • Ticket sale at the gate is subjected to availability and will be announced after pre-sale close.
  • Ticket resale is allowed but in that case, it's obligatory that you change the name of the ticket holder. Please read and follow the guidelines of your ticket seller. Notice that this option is available till 25. July 2018. After that it is not possible to resale your ticket or change the name of the ticket holder!

NOTE: Due to the Croatian tourist law each attendee is required to pay 4kn / 0,55 euro per day. This can be paid upon arrival directly to tourist board located at the gate of the festival.