Workshop Application

We are proudly presenting you Mo:Dem’s new cultural area: SPIRALLABS. At it’s first stage of evolution it will cover different musical, art and cultural aspects of Festival. Spirallabs mission is enrichment of festivals art, cultural and social content. This year it will also feature Art Gallery, Children Area, Workshops, Yoga & Activities, Sauna, PsyCare, Communal Tent and many other fun and useful contents.

At Spirallabs you will experience wide range of extraordinary arts, inspirational talks and educational workshops. We are looking for individuals or groups that would like to share their passion, knowledge or technical skills with the rest of our community. Helping others to open up to new concepts, challenge their ideologies and push their own boundaries. If this sounds like you and like joining our workshop teachers, lecturers and healers team, please fill out the application form, we would love to hear from you. We are looking forward to your proposals and are always delighted to hear new and fresh ideas.

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